Unlock the Hidden Sacred Superpower
(That Everyone Has But Is Rarely Activated)
to Live Your Most Magical & Joy-Filled life!


May 22 - jUNE 26

All of my work comes down to empowering women.

We all feel the impact of centuries of disempowerment, abuse, fear, and more…

And it means every single woman I’ve ever met has downplayed her brilliance and her gifts.

Which makes sense! It’s the instinctive thing to do after being persecuted and oppressed for so long.

But I received a vision recently from Mary Magdalene, one of my soul guides, who gave me some extremely counterintuitive guidance.

I saw her offering bouquets of flowers, and the message that I got was that if you’re overthinking, procrastinating, and holding yourself back from what you KNOW your soul is calling you towards…

Because you’re afraid of being rejected or being shunned from the tribe…

It’s actually safer to go for it.

The message I got from Mary was that the more generous we are with our sacred service, the more protected we are.

WOW, right?

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Are You The Best Kept Secret?

So sister, if this is resonating with you, it’s time to give yourself permission to release what “they” might think and follow what you know to be true.

After all, you have this calling for a reason.

The truth is there are hundreds of thousands of women out there living their truth, sharing their gifts, and exploring all of the magic that this universe has to offer.

But they didn’t get there by sitting in doubt and fear – no matter how “real” it might feel in the moment. 

They got there by deciding that they were reading to say yes to that nudge inside them, even though they didn’t fully know where it was going to lead. 

Almost every day I get messages from women who feel stuck in their job or their relationships…

… They KNOW that they’re meant for more, but they’re so afraid of being seen as unorthodox or too “out there”…

…They’re drowning in imposter syndrome and self-doubt, wondering if they’ll ever be able to find a path that feels good to them…

… and they message me wondering if this work could really be the thing they’re looking for. 

I really, really want you to know…

That if you feel a nudge, or a sparkle, or a shiver in your stomach when you read these words…

That you ARE meant for more.

You have a magic inside you that is yearning to come out, and those nudges and shivers are its way of telling you the next right step.

Just see what happened for my client Ksenia after she listened to her nudges – 

I am originally from Russia and no one talks about spiritual stuff there. When I moved to the US and started my spiritual journey, I knew I needed support. 

Working with Desiree helped me remember the truth of my soul and who I really am. I know what I’m here to do, I feel empowered to do it, and I know I always have a choice as to what to do and say.

Working with Desiree is an AMAZING experience. She will push you, but you will never be the same. 

Here’s the thing…

Every famous woman you know and love got there by being unorthodox.

Dolly Parton…


Joan of Arc…

The list goes on..

And if you want to claim the most radical and unstoppable version of yourself and join the ranks of these incredible women, I am fully confident that my Sacred Sorceress Circle 6 week program can help you do so.

The doors are now open for a very limited time.

Inside this round of the Sacred Sorceress Circle I’m going to show you exactly how to heal the ancestral wounds that have kept you stuck, scared, and settling…

Activate your throat chakra to transmute fear and self-doubt into courage and truth-telling…

And step into your fullest power, freedom, and self-expression so you can do what you came here to do.

I’ve got to be honest with you.

If you really want to step into your power and claim your gifts in the world…

Fully expressing yourself as the magical being that you came here to be…

Not to mention empower other women and support them on their spiritual journeys…

You’re going to have to move through some discomfort.

Healing is not all flowers and butterflies…

What women are saying...

how do I know?

I have been right where you are.

I have had a spiritual calling for over twenty years, but I’ll be honest… I fought it for a good long while.

It wasn’t until a massive awakening that included the death of a long-lost brother I had just reconnected with that I realized that:

Life is Short and There is No Time for Hiding

how do I know?

I have been right where you are.

I have had a spiritual calling for over twenty years, but I’ll be honest… I fought it for a good long while.

It wasn’t until a massive awakening that included the death of a long-lost brother I had just reconnected with that I realized that:

Life is Short and There is No Time for Hiding

But it IS a powerful transformation that will burn away anything that is holding you back and keeping you from your fullest self expression.

Things like: 

  • Constantly over thinking and second guessing yourself and your true desires
  • Keeping yourself stuck in a soul sucking profession just because it “pays the bills”
  • Staying in relationships or friendship that you know aren’t aligned for you because it’s better than being alone
  • Hiding your love of crystals, astrology, or tarot because you’re afraid of what people will think


I mean … I don’t know about you, but something tells me you won’t miss it.

After watching so many women finally step into their power through the Sacred Sorceress Circle, I’m confident that you’ll wonder what you were ever so afraid of in the first place.

This round of Sacred Sorceress Circle is especially powerful because we are focusing on healing ancestral wounds.

These are the wounds that we all carry as women.

We all carry the legacy of oppression, trauma, and abuse.

We all remember in our cells what it was like when it *truly* wasn’t safe to be in our spiritual gifts.

Which is why we use a powerful energetic healing modality- Violet Healing (you can think of it as reiki on steroids) to heal the past, complete ancestral karma, and bring all of our power and energy fully into the present. 

So if you are ready to

  • Embrace your magical and spiritual gifts and live fully embodied as the woman you are here to be…
  • Find new confidence and attract jobs, relationships, and opportunities that are aligned for you…
  • Deepen your connection to your own intuition and inner knowing so you always know the next right step for you…


Inside an incredible community of women who are holding you to the highest standard…

You don’t want to miss this Live (+ in the Replay) program!

Wondering what your Hidden Sacred Superpower is?

It’s you owning your magical abilities and using your voice to take a stand for the joy you deserve!


It’s using your voice, lovingly taking a stand whether or not the people around you like it, that will get you to the ease and flow that you crave.

Your voice will help you attract the people that you’re here to serve, and connect with them in a way that inspires them to take the next step…

Your voice will help you craft invitations that feel like a deep sacred yes to the clients that you want to attract… 

Your voice will help you give up people-pleasing for good and step into your leadership so you can be the leader you’re here to be…

Your voice will call in soul-level relationships and community on the soul AND the mundane levels so you are supported every step of the way…

And your voice will help you finally name what it is you desire (instead of being held back by your fear and doubt) so you can be pulled forward into the future.

I’m going to help you finally unlock your voice and use it for good so that you can finally feel like you’re embodying your purpose and making a difference with your magic!




Unlock the Hidden Sacred Superpower
(That Everyone Has But Is Rarely Activated)
to Live Your Most Magical & Joy-Filled life!

week one

Amplify Your Magic!

mAY 22, 12-1:30pm PST

Violet Healing

Join in a Violet Healing journey to invoke White Buffalo Calf Woman to bring peace through all timelines and feel it is safe once again to embrace and share your medicine!

Week Two

It’s Written In The Stars

MAY 29, 12-1:30pm PST

Guest Masterclass

Astrologer Tara Jade Nichols joins us to share what you can expect to experience through summer solstice and beyond for enhanced alignment and flow.

Week Three

Dance It Out!

JUNE 4, 9-10:30am PST

Guest Masterclass

Amber Ryan, student of Ganrielle Roth (5 Rhythms Dance) guides you in a cathartic dance practice to fabulous beats, rhythms, and melodies.

Week Three

Your Voice Matters

JUNE 5, 12-1:30pm PST

Violet Healing

Your “mess is your message” and today you’ll unearth and your most poignant stories that have the power to catalyze growth and healing in others.

Week Four

Break the Chain

JUNE 12, 12-1:30PM PST

Violet Healing

You are the cycle breaker in your bloodline Sister! Today we cast circle and call forth divine feminine love to close doors to the pain of the past and open to a greater faith and trust in the future.

Week Five

Priestess Power Retreat

JUNE 18,19,20 10am-2pm PST

Virtual Experience

Join in sacred sisterhood over three life altering days in ceremony, ritual and sacred movement to be initiated on the Priestess Path and remember your spiritual gifts.

Week Six

Screw It Just Do It Final Celebration!

JUNE 26,12-1:30pm PST

Let’s Celebrate

Dress-up as your future self and get ready to share the wonderful results you’ve created in the past 6 weeks together!


Before working with Desirée I was struggling with feeling disconnected from myself and my spirituality. But her compassion and willingness to be herself drew me in.

As a result, the healing I have witnessed and experienced for myself has been nothing short of miraculous. I feel more connected to my heart than I have since I was a little girl. She’s helped me heal old wounds and embrace my true self in a way I never thought possible. Today I am truly a different person. I am so grateful to Desiree for restoring my faith in myself. If you're looking for a heart-centered approach to healing and want to create a more joyful and fulfilling life, then you absolutely need to work with Desirée .

if you are ready to:

Finally give up fear and people pleasing…

So you can speak your truth and embody your power…

And create the abundant, joyful life that you know is yours…

Consider This Your Sacred Invitation Into Our Circle.





Doors Close May 20 @ 5pm PST




2 payments of $277

12 payments of $59


The truth is that there is the only difference between those lightworkers
who are playing full out, and you…

Is that they decided to claim their voice and show up in the world
unapologetically as who they are.

It’s time to give yourself the same gift.

Desirée DunbaR

Visionary Creatrix

Desirée Dunbar is a visionary creatrix, spiritual guide, and embodiment coach. With a background in dance and a deep connection to the divine feminine, she empowers women to awaken their inner magic, step into their authentic voice, and embrace their true potential. Through her transformative programs and retreats, Desirée combines movement, energy healing, and intuitive guidance to support women in their journey of self-discovery and soulful transformation. Her loving presence and profound wisdom create a safe and nurturing space for women to heal, grow, and thrive. Desirée is dedicated to helping women embody their true essence, reclaim their power, and create a life of joy, abundance, and purpose.